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Fieldshare's framework is in use by industry leaders, municipalities & regulators in Canada and the US

About Fieldshare

Fieldshare fixes messy workflows by improving data access. We offer pre-built modules you can test right away, and a flexible framework proven to lower the cost & risk of custom database solutions

Our proprietary framework will allow you to build a database that stays flexible, and can accommodate new kinds of information in the future.

Whether you can solve only 30% or more than 80% of your needs with our pre-built modules, customization will always be available for seamless expansion to accommodate growth

Is your work simple, or complex?

Pre-built for simple workflows

Simple workflows & SMB's can get up and running fast with Fieldshare off-the-shelf. These pre-built modules offer SMB's structure with affordable tools and built-in configurations

OTS solutions

Framework for enterprise

For enterprise clients who can't meet their needs with existing software, our OTS modules can be leveraged as testable prototypes to ensure success

Custom solutions
The Fieldshare app

Take Fieldshare with you, online and offline

Fieldshare’s mobile app is a convenient portal for data collection and project information access, so your staff and contractors have everything they need in the field. Using account-level permissions, you choose what to share and with whom

Fieldshare mobile data workflow

You don't have to go it alone

Data services

Most organizations start solving the wrong problems. You don't have to

Too often, we're brought in to replace the results of custom software gone wrong, and we can help you avoid pitfalls we see all the time.

With database design, there's a tradeoff between features and access. And many organizations fall victim to the high cost of too much complexity, because it isn't visible until the end of the process. For your project, we can use testable prototypes to get that tradeoff right - from the beginning.

Fieldshare's framework will help prioritize key workflows above niche ones, and identify what is needed to keep the overall platform convenient to use

"I love having one place that everybody goes to for information, it prevents duplication and keeps everything consistent"

— Noreen Sumara, Long Run Exploration

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