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Let's talk risk.

Data management as a growing cluster of apps and spreadsheets eventually crumbles under its own weight.

Introducing Fieldshare.

We are a secure, cloud-based, data aggregator. Fieldshare consolidates and structures your scattered data into one place. Why? Because your ability to consolidate data equals your efficiency in managing it.

Data Management:

The unspoken industry problem.

Multiple spreadsheets and apps were brought in to solve your workflow challenges. But then somehow you spend more time to managing these solutions than solving real world problems. What now?

Use what you're used to.

Familiarity is powerful, and for many that means working with spreadsheets. But if your information storage processes are built in excel, you will outgrow them eventually. We understand how anxiety-provoking it can be to change a core business process, so we help you build a strong, interconnected data structure underneath familiar access points—like spreadsheets and maps.

Put columns and rows into context.

Spreadsheets give you control, but they’re linear and one dimensional. Imagine if you could instantly see every spreadsheet you use on a map. Or apply a filter that can pull data from multiple files at once—and generate a report. Structure without silos.

Dynamic Fields
Connected, automatic indicators make key insights more visible. Move beyond linear data tracking and into dynamic fields.
Interconnected Data
Each field is dynamic. A single cell has the depth of another spreadsheet—linking everything together. This allows you to track multiple budgets and costs in real-time.
Share & Export
Give and take information from apps and people. Collaborate with other managers, departments, clients, or contractors. Export into CSV’s, generate reports, or use our open API’s to integrate directly with external systems.

We are flexible so you stay in control.

You’ve always been the architect of your own workflow, and we won’t get in your way. We are like a tool box that adapts to your specific data. We are designed to be flexible around you so you have total control over the way you work.

First we’ll help you analyze scattered data and itemize what you need to store.
Together, we’ll aggregate everything into a structured whole.
Then you can use information directly in Fieldshare, or export and integrate as needed.

GIS made simple.

Spatial data doesn’t have to be difficult to access. Fieldshare lets you map your project spreadsheets without losing the tabular format — so you can choose what view works best right now.

Filter your portfolio visually.

Accurately annotate site information in context without dealing with multiple paper trails.

Stay organized with image and file management

“I knew GIS had huge value, but the breakthrough was getting those capabilities in a cost-effective, easy-to-use format. That combination, and being able to deploy and get started without major technical training, made Fieldshare an easy sell.”

Jim Gordon, HSE Manager
TORC Oil & Gas

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