Fieldshare for mobile & devices

Manipulate many data streams from one place with multiple data input supported

The Fieldshare app

Take Fieldshare with you. Collect data on your phone and get updates in the field

Fieldshare’s mobile app is a convenient portal for data collection and project information access, so your staff and contractors have everything they need in the field. Using account-level permissions, you choose what to share and with whom


Our simple app interface provides access to your project data, and presents data collection forms that can be used online or off. See below for the types of data currently supported on mobile

Offline mode

Offline mode

Offline mode gives remote workers the tools they need to get work done efficiently – without creating a data management headache down the road. Data can be downloaded to a device, changed, and then synced with the Fieldshare database as soon as connection is restored

"Fieldshare makes a huge difference when I'm doing accruals, because when field staff put costs in, I can pull up context with the cost later"

— Colleen Krahn, Fieldshare user

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