Validate new workflows using a proven framework

Leverage our OTS modules to test new workflows early and avoid expensive mistakes down the line

Custom database solution
Why use Fieldshare's framework?

We can get you up and running faster than any other option with the custom features you need, while mitigating major risks

The problem with custom software is bad predictions. Fieldshare's framework lets you tap into what works, validate assumptions early, and stay flexible so you can respond well to unforeseen future needs

Fieldshare uses a proven framework to validate assumptions about your workflow and test the proposed solutions early. To ensure adoption, our pre-built modules give users a way to test workflow prototypes. This process identifies issues before they become permanent. More validation, earlier, means less project risk for you.

Data management is not just about more functions, it's about better access. Let us help you navigate between features and usability using a methodology that works

BC Energy Regulator adds data layers for orphan wells

The BC Energy Regulator is responsible for thousands of orphaned wells and must aggregate data from all over the province to prioritize remediation

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The Fieldshare app

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Fieldshare’s mobile app is a convenient portal for data collection and project information access, so your staff and contractors have everything they need in the field. Using account-level permissions, you choose what to share and with whom

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Needs analysis
Together, we’ll analyze your workflow’s data input & data access points
Following the Fieldshare Framework, your user group will test each workflow prototype before costly development, to make sure everything works
As your needs change over time, we’re here to make sure your database grows with you

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