The Custom Database that's Pleasant to Use

With expert guidance, proprietary architecture and a field-tested interface, Fieldshare provides data management solutions that stay usable as you grow.

━━━━━ Trusted by Industry

Configured to Fit Your Work

See how Fieldshare's proprietary architecture is used by industry and government.

Our Data Services Make Life Easier

Find out how our team can do the heavy lifting to structure scattered data.

━━━━━ The Fieldshare Platform

Proprietary Modules Meet Field-Tested UI

Fieldshare is the only platform with ready-made modules that connect your business data in a way you can test right now, that won't fail when you grow.

Built to Handle All Your Business Data

Fieldshare has already done the heavy lifting to connect common types of business data such as costs, photos, inspection forms, work orders, files and even GIS into a single database -- that doesn't break when you grow.

Explore Modules

Flexible Views for Exceptional Access

Fieldshare allows users to view all data (including GIS) for a single project, or to filter through the whole portfolio in bulk.

Explore Front End

Fully Integrated GIS

In Fieldshare, GIS and business data live together in the same system. That means you can edit everything you see without having to maintain integrations.

GIS in Context

Explore Fieldshare

Maximum flexibility, minimal complexity.

━━━━━ Fieldshare Services

Expert Guidance + Deep Customization

We provide workflow consultants to configure the OTS platform to fit your workflow. For deeper customizations, in-house development can take you to the next level.

━━━ Configuration Services

Rapid Configuration

Start your build lightyears ahead of scratch. Use data modules that are field-tested and bulletproof, or work with us to create something new.

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━━━ Workflow Services

Avoid UI Pitfalls

Every new feature has a cost in usability. Our team provides professional guidance to make sure you don't wind up with more complexity than you need.

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Our Data Services Make Life Easier

Find out how our team can do the heavy lifting to structure scattered data.

━━━━━ Integrations

Integrate Across Platforms

Open API's make it easy to integrate with other environmental data management apps.

━━━━━ Security

Trusted Security Experts

Our in-house security team has experience meeting the most stringent requirements for government and industry.

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━━━━━ Fieldshare mobile app

Mobile Input Online + Off

Our mobile app makes it easy to access and update information on the go. That means you can upload photos, add forms and costs, or check for updates without going to the office.

━━━━━ Who we work with

Join our amazing clients

The Fieldshare team has extensive experience untangling data and our clients love the results. Explore real life case studies to see the Fieldshare difference in action.

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