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Good file management is critical to a streamlined workflow

Fieldshare's innovative and effective method of file management that renders nesting folders obsolete. By linking files to a common denominator within your portfolio and using a combination of automatic and user-defined attributes to generate powerful filters, you and your staff will never have to wonder where a file is saved again.

Fieldshare's proprietary architecture links agreements, addendums, photos, contracts, PDF's and other files to related business data, such as costs, locations, forms, inspections, and work orders so you can find what you need, every time. By solving these data relationships ahead of time, Fieldshare's modules ensure your file management system remains scalable and will not become messy or siloed over time.

Picture and text updates are automatically filed correctly, on desktop or mobile, right from your phone or your collaborator's--contractors, vendors, and staff.

Later, you can edit metadata in bulk or filter through your whole portfolio of files with ease using Fieldshare's tables.

That means you can create any report you need, with documentation, in just a few clicks.