Fieldshare quarterly update June 2023

Lots of big changes to announce in Fieldshare this quarter! Since the major UI overhaul earlier this year, our developers have been prioritizing and rolling out new features.

What's new in Fieldshare 2.0? 

Changes this quarter include a lot of new features, as well as UI improvements. Now, you can use automations to speed up your workflow, set more granular user permissions, get fast image previews, and more. Some of these we’ve had in the works since before the change, and the new UI has made it possible to bring them to you now.

New features


Fieldshare has introduced automations you can use to get repetitive manual data entry out of your workflow. Our automations work on a simple trigger-and-action principle. You choose a trigger in the project changes, and then set what action you’d like to take place when that trigger fires.

Fieldshare automations screenshot

Triggers can be set using any of the fields in your “Project” module, including custom fields, and actions currently include assigning a task, assigning a task group, or adding a budget to a project. This means you can save time, for example, when a project status changes from “Pending” to “Active” and you no longer have to set up the budget and tasks for that project manually. Just change the status and you’re good to go.

Upcoming triggers are displayed in a new panel, so you can see what’s scheduled to happen in the future, and easily manage existing automations.

Image previews

This file management improvement makes it much faster to see what photos are attached to your projects. In the Single Project View, in the photo and file management module, you can now hover over an image name to get a preview of that image.

Custom user roles get new privilege options

For administrators, we’ve improved the granularity of Fieldshare’s permissions settings. In addition to the standard Collaborator, Manager, and Administrator roles, you can create custom roles that allow you to control exactly what users can see and edit. Now, these custom roles include the ability to allow users to view and edit specific templates and set collaborator roles for those templates as well. This means you can now conduct user management on a template-by-template and not just project-by-project basis.


UI improvements

Bulk delete

Need to clean up your data table? That’s now much easier with the bulk delete option. You can select multiple rows and delete their contents all at once.

New filter conditions & sorting capabilities

We’ve added "Excludes" and "Not Equals" conditions to your custom filters in the table view to expand your ability to find specific subsets of data.

All data tables also have a new column: “Modified On”. This addition will enable you to not only filter data by a date range of when the data was last changed, but also to arrange all the data in your table by the last modified date.

Fieldshare filter data conditions

Add/edit markers by coordinates

The marker tool in the single project view now allows you to change a marker’s location by editing the coordinates directly. This means you don’t need to know where your marker is on the overhead view to get the location correct, you can navigate by coordinates alone.

Move costs between budgets

Need to change which budget your cost is attached to? Now you can, without re-entering the data. From the single project view, you now can reassign costs to different budgets in one step.


What to look forward to

As we work with you to improve Fieldshare, our development team is always busy making things better. In the next few months you an look forward to big improvements in our mobile app, as well as interface upgrades to our filters and saved filters.

Thanks for using Fieldshare! If you need help with any of these changes, remember our support team is just a click away using the chat icon in-app, or by contacting us online.

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