August 31, 2023

Fieldshare mobile app update

Exciting new changes have arrived for the Fieldshare mobile app for IOS and Android. Since the major desktop UI overhaul earlier this year, our developers have been updating the mobile app to match, with new features and a better interface.

What's new in Fieldshare's mobile application?

Changes in this update include a couple of new features that will make offline mode easier to use and will streamline document tagging. Now, you can work with multiple offline projects at the same time and there is a new ability to link photos to entry forms from your phone or tablet. The new UI rework will be more familiar to everyone using Fieldshare 2.0 on the desktop, so you should also be able to navigate the application more easily.

New offline mode for multiple projects

Good news! You can now add up to 10 projects at a time to the offline mode instead of only one. To speed up the process, type the name of the project in the search bar when you'd like to add it to the projects that will be available offline.

In the list of projects you'll see a toggle labeled "Online only". This can be turned to "Offline only". Tap the toggle to start downloading project data to your device so you'll have the access to it offline.

This project will no longer be accessible in the online mode until synced from the "Offline mode" page located in the top right corner (crossed cloud).

Offline only / Online only switcher + Top right corner offline view

New interface

To make navigation easier, we've updated our mobile application to match the look and feel of desktop Fieldshare 2.0. Budgets and costs now have clear segmentation with their own set of quick filters. Added graphic elements will make scanning through the data entries faster, and these small graphics and sectioning references follow the same principles as the web version of Fieldshare.

1. All projects view 2. Single project view 3. All budgets view (project)

New ability to link photos to forms

In Fieldshare 2.0, we added a feature to link objects (images, documents and costs) to existing form entries. With this release, we made it possible to link images to existing form entries right from your phone or tablet.

How? In the mobile app, when you're inside a specific form type, just navigate to any form entry (or create one) and you'll see a blue "Link photos" button in the bottom corner. Make sure you allow the application to access your photo library in order to choose which images you'd like to link. After linking a photo (or photos), you'll then find a list of linked photos at the bottom of the form entry, where you can also unlink them.

Link photos or documents when creating or editing a single form entry

New mobile app, better optimization

Applications require maintenance and optimization in order to deliver better service for each device. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback as we continue to improve our app!

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