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Medicine Hat The Gas City

Known for its massive natural gas fields, Medicine Hat owns and operates its own oil and natural gas production and distribution utilities. Medicine Hat is the 6th largest city in Alberta

Executive summary

300% increase in efficiency

  • 50% reduction in time spent managing data
  • 2 FTE positions saved

Medicine Hat & energy production

Five internal workgroups within the Department of Natural Gas and Petroleum Resources (NGPR) collaborate to identify the economic value of assets. As a government entity that thrives on natural gas revenue, a key objective of the NGPR is cost reduction, including manpower, to ensure maximum profitability and shareholder returns.

Overwhelmed with project data

Without a cohesive information management strategy, storing and retrieving critical wellsite data and monitoring contractor activity were time-consuming and a drain on city resources.

Medicine hat deploys Fieldshare for instant access to field data

In only 5 days Medicine Hat had historical well data input into Fieldshare. Data management immediately became faster and more efficient due to timely updates of essential information directly from the field. Now, NGPR staff can see project status in real time.

Department efficiency increased by 300%

Medicine Hat discovered that Fieldshare’s software cut time spent on data management in half. Importantly, Fieldshare had saved the city 2 FTE staff positions. The bottom line, Fieldshare resulted in a 300% productivity boost.

The client

Medicine Hat The Gas City: The data management ordeal

Fieldshare introduced project maps as a standardized visual format for storing and accessing well data; no longer were individual variations a problem to navigate.

Project coordination was frustrating and inefficient; critical data was at risk of being lost

Before Fieldshare was deployed, each manager’s data storage pathway had to be learned individually. One manager labeling a folder “wellsite data” while another used “well site data” made searching out a complete and accurate data set a regular pain in the archive. Important spreadsheets had version control issues, and worse, they were at risk of being lost or deleted.

City employees were caught in an endless loop of emailing contractors for updated data and Medicine Hat was searching for a way to solve the staggering data management problem that was mounting as project data piled up. The city needed a better solution for managing their field projects as well as numerous contractors, consultants and field workers.

Enter fieldshare: a platform for envisioning projects and controlling data assets

Fieldshare’s visualization, data management and collaboration tools were exactly what was needed. Fieldshare introduced project maps as a standardized visual format for storing and accessing well data; no longer were individual variations a problem to navigate. Storing field data on Fieldhare’s project map enabled the Environmental Coordinator to keep all his data in a single system of record where it could be referred back to later. Storing data and navigating to it using a map also made it easier to coordinate multiple workers who were deployed to the same area. With no nesting folders or hard-to-find features, the map system was easy to learn and intuitive to use.

Coordinators triple portfolio management capacity.

Seamless data migration and onboarding with live support

In a few business days, Medicine Hat had historical well site data imported into Fieldshare. To ensure a smooth and successful transition, Fieldshare staff provided no cost help to Medicine Hat NGPR to migrate data to the new platform and to configure and customize the software interface to their preferred experience.

“FIeldshare saves us 20 hours per week in administration and data maintenance, updating records, organizing project data and reporting.”
– Environmental Coordinator, City of Medicine Hat

Data retrieval made twice as fast in one month

Records kept up-to-date without constant email chains. Once the transition was complete it resulted in a substantial decrease in project related emails since continuously updated project status information could finally be sent and received instantly.

Environmental coordinator saves 20 hours per week

Fieldshare resulted in a single coordinator being able to manage a much larger portfolio of projects. Medicine Hat NGPR management capability increased exponentially, jumping from 250 projects per coordinator to 750 per coordinator within a few short months of launch.

One year later medicine hat attributes 300% boost in productivity to Fieldshare

Medicine Hat now requires contractors working gas sites within its jurisdiction to use Fieldshare for project and data management purposes, and with every quarterly software update Medicine Hat gains another set of tools to use to meet their efficiency and financial goals.