Fieldshare's off-the-shelf (OTS) solutions

Deeply configurable data management tools you can use right away. Perfect for structuring small and medium sized business data

Off the shelf database solution
Is OTS right for you?

OTS solutions are best for SMB's and simple data connections. Complex data workflows with many moving parts may require custom extensions

Fieldshare's ready-to-use platform is perfect for small and medium businesses who need affordable tools to manage data & streamline work

Off the Shelf, Fieldshare gives SMB’s granular control of their workflow. Our platform comes pre-built with industry-specific templates you can put to use right away, as well as drag-and-drop tools to build your own workflows. Clients with more complex data will be best served by our custom solutions, but don’t worry - the transition from OTS to custom is seamless. OTS is a great place to start.

Our experts are on hand to get you up and running fast with configuration help and data structure pointers. Explore common data types and how to access them below, or get in touch with sales for a live walkthrough

The Fieldshare app

Take Fieldshare with you online and offline

Fieldshare’s mobile app is a convenient portal for data collection and project information access, so your staff and contractors have everything they need in the field. Using account-level permissions, you choose what to share and with whom

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You don't have to go it alone

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Configuration services

Fieldshare puts people in your court, so you don't wind up with the same mess in a new box

Change is hard, and adopting a new software can be stressful - which is why our configuration services are included with every deployment.

Fieldshare is not just a software. We're a company with years of experience in connecting people and information more comfortably. Our process involves teaching you the basics of data structure, then guiding you through the configuration process until you're happy with the result.

You get to test and validate along the way. When you're confident you can find what you need, it's time to invite your team

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Fieldshare's framework is in use by industry leaders, municipalities & regulators in Canada and the US