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One place for all your data management needs.

A holistic system built to facilitate day-to-day use. Input, access and reporting made easy.

  • Capture a multitude of different data types
  • Filter information from different systems
  • Export and report in one click
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The flexibility to handle many kinds of data means fewer systems for you to manage.

One.   Get control of your data.

Exporting information from a Spreadsheet to Fieldhsare is a simple Copy=Paste process

To streamline the import process from spreadsheet or financial software, Fieldshare allows to import information quickly by copying and pasting the required fields.

Adding files to Fieldshare is a simple drag-and-drop

Adding files is a simple drag-and-drop. You can see all your documents and photos in one place right after the upload.

Adding tasks and task groups to FIeldshare helps you track Project progress easier

Adding tasks and task groups helps to organize your workflow and track your project status easier.

Upload Photos and Documents
Collect Data in Forms
Upload Data in Bulk
Add Tasks and task groups
Connect spreadsheets
Integrate with other tracking systems
Direct cost capture
Draw on maps, upload KML’s

Two.  Use and share information.

Having consistent data storage and granular permissions means you can find what you're looking for and share information easily.

Fieldshare Dashboard view allows you to see a bigger picture in one place.

Create powerful filters to slice through clutter and get answers fast in the Dashboard.

Global Map view enables users of Fieldshare to see all their projects in one place.

Use the Global map view to pull information from tables into maps quickly and easily for visual analysis. Add custom GIS layers and filters.

Individual Project View enables users of FIeldshare to view all the relevant information about a particular site in one place.

With Individual Project view, you will never miss a site update. Access all project information with a customizable site map, budgets, tasks, files views and more.

Control who sees what
Track budgets and costs
Easily find documents, photos, and data
Filter through your whole portfolio

Automatically combine data from multiple systems, turning reports into a one-click process.

Three.   Report, Export, Archive.

Fieldshare enables you to report, export and analyze information much simpler.

Get the reports you need without the need to manually gather and combine information.

Export to Excel
Create custom reports
Automate email updates
Lossless project archives

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