━━━━━ Flexible Pre-Built Modules

Modules Built for Complex Public Projects

Fieldshare's proprietary data architecture ties all asset information (including GIS) into one searchable, scalable superstructure. Explore some of our pre-built modules below.

View and update all your budgets and costs in context. Fieldshare connects costs and budgets with other asset information, from drawings to inspection forms. This gives you greater intelligence to identify problems and opportunities with ARO's, and the accountability tracing needed to get your accruals done in a few clicks. Granular permission controls mean staff and contractors can input costs directly from their phone or computer in the field, so you can streamline your tracking process.

Plan, schedule, and execute work from your connected Fieldshare dashboard. You can create individual tasks, assign them to your staff and contractors, control automatic notifications for deadlines and assignments, and even re-use groups of tasks across multiple projects. Tasks are visible in the drill-down view of a single project or asset, but you can also use the bulk (table) view to filter, edit, and analyze your portfolio of tasks in bulk. Easily get a handle on what's up next and who's responsible.

Good file management is critical to a streamlined workflow. Fieldshare's proprietary architecture will link agreements, addendums, photos, contracts, PDF's and other files to a single common denominator thoughout your portfolio. This ensures your file management system remains scalable and will not become messy or siloed over time. Picture and text updates are automatically filed correctly, right from your phone or your collaborator's. Later, you can edit metadata in bulk or filter through your whole portfolio of files with ease. That means you can create any report you need on work activities with a few clicks.

Integrated GIS means you can track all your location data in the same system as your day-to-day information. Add custom layers and markup, integrate with ArcGIS or other data libraries, and view documents, photos, and reports with geospatial context readily available. You can use the map views to drill down into a single project, asset, or liability, or filter your whole portfolio in bulk for better planning on a broader scale.

Create and collect inspection forms, field reports, safety forms and others into a searchable database—without fear that adding additional fields or forms will break the system. Fieldshare's forms are expandable and scalable, without needing to talk to IT or request changes from us. In Fieldshare, you have the power to choose what you collect and how, and who can see it.

Later, you can view the collected information in bulk, export into reports, filter through for specific events, or connect in-depth analytics and business logic. From the foundation of a solid data structure, analysis is an open door.

When your data is organized and connected, pulling reports is easy. You can use a friendly drag-and-drop interface to create custom input and export templates that you can use just once or over and over again. Manipulate data right in Fieldshare or export to Excel or PDF for easy data manipulation and presentation.

* Speak with sales for a complete list of features

━━━━━ Outstanding User Interface

3 Field-Tested Views

Fieldshare's front-end interface offers three flexible views, and each supports 2-way editing. That means if you can see it, you can update the source.

Asset View

Drill down into one asset and have all the related files, photos, maps, tasks, lists, and people populate automatically.

Table View

Filter through any data type, like inspection reports or costs, for your entire portfolio. View, edit, and make changes in bulk.

Overview Map

Access broad spatial intelligence for more effective planning with visual, user-defined filters for all your location-based work.

Stop thinking about features.
You need usability.

━━━━━ Start with a strong foundation

It doesn't matter how powerful your logic is if nobody can use the software.

Fieldshare's workflow experts configure our architecture to give you data access without complexity.

━━━ Configuration Services

Don't just store your data, connect it.

The right connections lighten the burden of aggregation, and Fieldshare provides the configuration support you need. Workflow experts help you connect data from multiple sources, so you can pull out anything (even GIS) from one place.

Explore Data Services
━━━ Workflow Analysis

Collaborate Less.

Imagine never having to ask for (or provide) file access again. Together, we can make self-serve file management a reality by imposing consistency across working groups. So you can all spend less time finding things for each other.

━━━ In-house Development

Customize Everything.

With workflow experts to guide you, you avoid the pitfalls of user-driven database design. Even better, Fieldshare can be configured to meet most SMB workflows right off-the-shelf, and our development team is standing by to take you to the next level.

━━━ Integrated GIS

Get Smart with Maps.

The advantage of maps for spatial analysis is undisputed, but connecting to GIS often poses a technical challenge.

Now, Fieldshare can help you overcome the barriers to adding geospatial intelligence to your workflow. Maps, layers, markup, and permissions, all within your own secure, shareable database.

Connect with a Workflow Expert
━━━━━ Customize your experience

Refinement Without Interruption

With Fieldshare, you start your build lightyears ahead of scratch. Testable OTS software makes the transition easier on your users, and prevents business interruptions.

Balance Features with Usability

Every new feature has a cost in usability. Our team has the architectural experience to make sure you don't wind up with more complexity than you need.

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━━━━━ Extend into predictive analytics

The Right Architecture Makes Logic Easy

It's tempting to start building decision matrices right away and get the answers you need today. But what happens when your questions change tomorrow?

Want Predictions?
Start with Aggregation.

Before looking at algorithms, you need to know where information will come from. Our aggregation services combine scattered data into a cohesive whole. From there, building decision matrices is easy.

━━━━━ Plan for the future with extensible tools

The features you need right now + architecture built for expansion

Fieldshare is equipped with the tools & expertise you need to cut the fluff and get to what's essential.

File Management

Advanced filters. Automate document tagging.


Quick markup. Full portfolio view. Visual planning tools.

Efficiency Tools

Automate tasks. Eliminate multiple entries.

Enhanced Security

SSO integration. Hide sensitive information. Trusted by industry.

Custom Forms

Built-in field collection forms. Powerful aggregation of data.

User-defined fields

Maximum flexibility. Match existing workflows.

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━━━━━ Fieldshare mobile app

Mobile Input Online + Off

Our mobile app makes it easy to access and update information on the go. That means you can upload photos, add forms and costs, or check for updates without going to the office.

━━━━━ Security

Trusted Security Experts

Our in-house security team has experience meeting the most stringent requirements for government and industry.

━━━━━ Integrations

Integrate Across Platforms

Open API's make it easy to integrate with other environmental data management apps.

━━━━━ From our clients

Don't just take our word for it!

Thanks to Fieldshare’s cloud-based platform, having accurate and up-to-date project information is no longer in question.

Jim Gordon

I love having one place that everybody goes to for all the information, it prevents duplication and keeps everything consistent.

Noreen Sumara

With no nesting folders or hard-to-find features, the map system was easy to learn and intuitive to use.

Robin Weseen

When I'm doing accruals, the biggest difference with Fieldshare is that when they [field staff] put costs in, you can pull up the context with the cost.

Colleen Krahn

In the past I would have to ask, ‘Hey, can you email me this information so I can pass it along’, but now it’s super quick, less than 10 seconds and I see it.

Kent Cryer

We didn't realize at the time that adopting Fieldshare would give us an advantage in terms of winning work and winning bids. That wasn't even in our heads.

Summit Liabilities

Arkit saves us 20 hours per week in administration and data maintenance, updating records, organizing project data and reporting.

City of Medicine Hat

Usually when we introduce new software I have to train people over and over again, but... not once did I get a question about how to use Fieldshare.

Long Run Exploration

━━━━━ Who we work with

Join our amazing clients

The Fieldshare team has extensive experience untangling public infrastructure data and our clients love the results. Explore real life case studies to see the Fieldshare difference in action.

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