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Fieldshare is more than just a software. We're a team of experts ready to help you get on top of your data challenges

Fieldshare data services

We can help you with the logic behind your data connections, because good structure is the foundation of a good database

You know your workflow inside and out, but we know data. Together, we can structure your data to serve your workflow.

Fieldshare will provide you with a framework for structuring scattered data into a cohesive whole. Whether you're working in multiple apps, pulling data from multiple databases, or don't have a system in place yet and have been managing through excel, our staff can help you aggregate and connect information so the resulting system is simple and flexible.

When you sign up with Fieldshare, we're here to help for the long haul. We provide annual checkups to help you declutter unnecessary fields and data, remove redundancies, eliminate issues caused by user error, and tighten up your system for the coming year.

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Fieldshare's framework is in use by industry leaders, municipalities & regulators in Canada and the US