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Managing Oil & Gas Assets and Liabilities

Upstream and midstream operators have unique data challenges that stem from the complex mix of professions, service providers and regulatory oversight the industry must balance.

Lacking top-down structure, individual departments and users seek out their own solutions. Apps and spreadsheets are added to the mix one-by-one, and as a result valuable data pertaining to construction, facilities management, drilling, reclamation, and liabilities management becomes scattered. Extracting data from such a system is time-consuming and prone to error, and assessing overall portfolio health is impossible

Our platform offers a new way to manage Oil & Gas assets and liabilities. Aggregating information from pipelines, facilities, and  your wells provides complete control over your organization’s data. Tracking equipment and people across your sites becomes easy with Fieldshare's GIS capabilities.

We offer a secure, cloud-based solution flexible enough for each department to make their own. Field notes, drawings, drone imagery, environmental logs, GIS overlays, HSE reports, budgets and costs can be stored, retrieved and analyzed from one source. Each individual user gets a custom access point to fit their work.

Compile customizable reports to plan and predict budget overruns or report to authorities. Share your wells with external contractors and consultants to track and manage their work in one place.

  • Improve communication between field and office with visual tools
  • Anticipate overruns earlier with more up-to-date cost entry
  • Improve information transfer between project phases
  • Get a clear picture of project progress all in one place
  • Securely access and update project information remotely
  • Plan divestitures more economically with better filtering and visual analysis tools
  • Maximize fieldwork time more with clear, consistent communication protocols
  • Optimize road use by planning access routes with up-to-date feedback from on-site crews
  • Audit internal resource usage across multiple departments
  • Streamline regulatory reporting processes
  • Integrate with the rest of your information architecture

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