Take control of well & pipeline data

Energy software that fits the unique needs of HSE, construction, wellsite, and pipeline workflows so you spend less time sorting information manually

Data governance platform database
Oil & Gas data challenges

Energy companies & regulators are not able to track assets or liabilities effectively with information housed in multiple systems. As more data is captured, organizing it becomes impossible

Sacrificing access for security is ultimately unhelpful, which is why Fieldshare accounts for workflow first. Our platform provides uninterrupted and convenient data access using a proprietary framework tested and validated live over 10 years.

Fieldshare also remains flexible as you grow to ensure long-term protection of your assets. Our security features meet the most stringent standards of government and industry, and adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.

Meet Fieldshare

Your complete well & pipeline workspace

Data governance platform

Lower liability expenses and protect against audits

With 10 years experience working with oil, gas, and energy clients, Fieldshare is equipped to solve even the most challenging wellsite workflows. Our unique blend of GIS & business data allows you to finally see everything you need in one place.

Oil & gas workflow solutions
Easy accruals and audits

Use cost-tracking tools that help you connect the dots when things don’t match up

Cloud data storage
Faster reclamation results

Cloud-powered data access allows staff and consultants to focus their efforts and get more done

Data framework
More effective ARO planning

Maximize asset retirement obligation budgets with tools that help you find efficiencies

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tasks and permissions
Off the shelf map database
custom data management
The Fieldshare app

Take Fieldshare with you online and offline

Fieldshare’s mobile app is a convenient portal for data collection and project information access, so your staff and contractors have everything they need in the field. Using account-level permissions, you choose what to share and with whom

mobile data governance

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For complex data challenges

If your workflow won't fit off-the-shelf products, our modular framework is the answer

Complex workflows need tailored software. Fortunately, Fieldshare's enterprise services extend our off-the-shelf product with completely custom data modules.

Our development team and workflow experts will guide you through a proven framework to avoid pitfalls on your custom software journey. Together, we can build a database that will meet your needs today--and stay flexible for growth tomorrow.


"I love having one place that everybody goes to for information, it prevents duplication and keeps everything consistent"

— Noreen Sumara

Medicine Hat: The Gas City

The City of Medicine Hat began using Fieldshare to manage their wellsites, and saw an increase in manager capacity from 250 to 750 sites

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