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Setting the records straight.

Work and data management fit for municipalities and governmental agencies.

Fieldshare solves data challenges posed by decentralized data.

Municipalities often find themselves drowning in paper or digital files, versioning issues and more, all due to data infrastructure issues. This makes planning for the future almost impossible.

Fieldshare helps municipalities streamline their data workflow and tie all the departments and external collaborators together in one platform. We make it easy for you to navigate your present and past data.

Power to manage your portfolio anywhere at any time.

Blending spreadsheets with GIS allows management and field workers to collaborate on one platform regardless of the amount of work you do. Deep customizations ensure a smooth transition and a tailored experience.


Simplified Data Entry
Improved Information Flow
Streamlined Reporting Process
Easy Integration
Easier Cost Tracking
Optimized Road Use
Instantaneous Field Updates
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