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Get Control of Messy Wellsite Data

Finally, a platform purpose- built to make complex, long term and remote Oil & Gas projects easier to manage

Bring your wells online without the headache

Our built-in database will organize data from multiple people and places to save you from manual entry

Imagine having all your daily reports, field tickets, maps, photos, drawings and costs come together automatically, in one place.

See Fieldshare in Action

An OTS Platform with Affordable Custom Development

Your workflow is unique, but you need to get up and running fast. We get it. From GIS to DFR's—it fits in Fieldshare

  • Manage Reclamation & Remediation Projects
  • Custom Development Options
  • Easily Annotate Maps and Share Drawings
  • Manage Budgets & Costs
  • Integrate with GIS & Other Apps
  • Minimize Manual Data Entry by Automating & Integrating
  • Powerful Search & Filter Tools Provide Instant Access
  • Organize Documents & Photos
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Proven solutions backed by industry insiders.

For a decade, Fieldshare has improved the way Oil & Gas fieldwork is managed. Now, it's your turn.

Automatically organize photos, costs, & tasks so nothing gets lost

Visualize projects and progress with user-friendly maps & dashboards

Increase capacity by taming messiness. Manage from a single, connected workspace

Integrate with other apps using open API's

Permission controls & fast exports make information distribution a snap

Customize forms and create one-click reports with user-defined fields

Speak with sales

Mitigate Project Risk by Changing How You Use Information

Explore how Fieldshare's robust feature set and stellar support team can give you greater control over projects, while cutting down on data entry

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Don't just take our word for it!

Jim Gordon

"Thanks to Fieldshare’s cloud-based platform, having accurate and up-to-date project information is no longer in question."

Noreen Sumara

"I love having one place that everybody goes to for all the information, it prevents duplication and keeps everything consistent."

Robin Weseen

"With no nesting folders or hard-to-find features, the map system was easy to learn and intuitive to use."

Kent Cryer

In the past I would have to ask, ‘Hey, can you email me this information so I can pass it along’, but now it’s super quick, less than 10 seconds and I see it.”

Struggling with multiple apps?

Need to simplify your workflow?

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