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Effective Liabilities Management Starts with Good Records

Finally, a way to evaluate complex, long-term liabilities—without opening five different apps.

From GIS to DFR's--everything fits in Fieldshare

Fieldshare links disparate information together, so you can quickly drill down and find what you need, or share what you have.

Search through field tickets, maps, photos, and reports in one complete, connected workspace

See Fieldshare in Action

Consolidated site records at your fingertips

Whether you have 5 sites or 5000, the right tools to collect, store and analyze information will help you make the best call.

  • Powerful search and filter capabilities
  • User-friendly maps to visualize your portfolio
  • Flexible custom forms and reports
  • Integration with GIS & Other Apps
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Proven solutions that support effective decisions.

Fieldshare reduces errors and improves transparency, ensuring you have accurate information in the most helpful format. Backing your conclusions with data has never been easier.

Visualize your liabilities with user-friendly maps & dashboards.

Organize records easily with Fieldshare's secure, built-in Database.

Share securely with contractors, consultants, or regulators.

Integrate with other apps using open API's.

Easily export data for analysis in other programs.

Customize forms and reports with user-defined fields.

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How We Can Help

Explore how Fieldshare's robust feature set and stellar support team will give you greater control over your liability portfolio—while cutting down on data entry

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Don't just take our word for it!

Jim Gordon

"Thanks to Fieldshare’s cloud-based platform, having accurate and up-to-date project information is no longer in question."

Noreen Sumara

"I love having one place that everybody goes to for all the information, it prevents duplication and keeps everything consistent."

Robin Weseen

"With no nesting folders or hard-to-find features, the map system was easy to learn and intuitive to use."

Kent Cryer

In the past I would have to ask, ‘Hey, can you email me this information so I can pass it along’, but now it’s super quick, less than 10 seconds and I see it.”

Struggling with multiple apps?

Need to simplify your workflow?

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