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Our Process

Once we understand your needs, our service team will help you to customize Fieldshare and get comfortable in the system. Let our onboarding team guide you through setup.



Our first step is to focus on understanding. What do you need to accomplish? From there, we can start customizing Fieldshare to fit.


Data Migration

With a strong foundation built around your goals and processes, we’ll do the heavy lifting to migrate data into the first draft of your new system.



Explore new ways to work and test the system's capabilities. Once you're comfortable with how your data lives in Fieldshare, we'll show you how to make additional customizations yourself.



With a working structure in place, the rest of your team will have time to get used to the system and give feedback. User involvement leads to better adoption, which helps ensure consistency.


Going Live

Sharing information will be a one-step process, even with external stakeholders. You’ll have complete control of who sees what, without manually gathering and distributing anything.


You're in good hands.

We understand that every fieldwork business is different. Together, we will work closely with you to learn about your processes and design standardized procedures that fit.

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