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Watch projects & get alerts

When your Fieldshare projects are updated or new work happens, you can keep up-to-date automatically with real-time emails.

Watching Projects

You will always receive email notifications about certain kinds of project activity, like new or updated tasks that are assigned to you.

To receive automatic emails about other project updates, you need to start watching it. At the top of any Project Summary, you can click on “Watchlist” to control Fieldshare users who will receive email notifications. When you create or update an Fieldshare project, you are automatically added to the Watchlist.

Real-time Emails

You can control what kinds of project updates you want real-time emails about. In Settings under Email Preferences, you can pick and choose from the following types of real-time emails:

  • Project Changes
  • Tasks
  • Costs
  • Lab Reports
  • Site Drawings
  • File Uploads
  • Comments

If you want to disable all real-time emails for all projects and update types, you can also turn them off. You will still receive email notifications about new or updated tasks that are assigned to you.

If you are an administrator you will have the ability to set when task reminders are sent out for the entire organization. In Settings under Company Settings simply add the number of days you wish a task reminder to be sent before the tasks start date and/or due date.