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Using the Project Filter

You can control which projects and activities you see using the Project Filter. Click the Project Filter icon at the top right of the Project Map to open the filter. The Project Map and Activity Stream will update in real-time to show only the projects that match your chosen filters.

Using filters

The Project Filter contains groups of filter criteria. These criteria include saved searches, assigned companies, and custom-configured primary project details.

Click on individual filter criteria to enable or disable them. When filter criteria are enabled, they are highlighted in white. Click Hide All or Show All to disable or enable whole groups of criteria.

Enabling multiple criteria within a group creates an "OR" filter - for example, enabling two companies would show projects from either one or the other company. Enabling multiple criteria across groups creates an "AND" filter - for example, enabling a company and a type would show projects from that company and also that type.

For more complex filtering needs, you can combine saved searches with other filter criteria. A saved search can contain multiple search terms, functioning as an "AND" filter - for example the search "John Smith Phase II" would show projects with that project manager and that phase.

Changing project pin colors

By default, Fieldshare assigns colors for each project pin based on the Company that it is assigned to. This can be changed to a different filter criteria, by clicking on the "Assign Color" option to the right of each filterable group. Once clicked, the project pin colors will be reassigned based on the available values of the filterable group.

The next time you sign into the system, the color assignment will remain unchanged.


When you use the Project Filter, Fieldshare automatically saves your chosen criteria for you. This means whenever you view the Project Map, your most recent filter is automatically applied. Your filter only applies to your personal Fieldshare account, and does not affect what other users in your company see. You can click Reset Filter to return the filter to its default state, with all criteria enabled.

Archived Projects

At the bottom of the Project Filter is a switch to make Archived projects visible. When enabled, all of your Archived projects are shown as grey markers on the Project Map. Archived projects cannot be filtered, and are either all visible or all hidden.