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Track Budgets & Costs

Fieldshare gives you tools to manage budgets and costs for each project. Click Budgets in the navigation bar on the left to access the Budgets section.


Each project in Fieldshare can have multiple budgets, each with a fiscal year, status (Pending, Active, Closed or Custom), budget name/number, and other information you can customize. The Budgets section lists all budgets for that project, with filters at the top to view budgets by specific status or year. When viewing multiple budgets, totals are displayed for the Gross Total budget, Gross Costs and Gross Variance for the selected years.

To add a new budget, click New Budget, choose a status, enter a total dollar amount, the fiscal year, a budget number or name, and other details. When finished, click Save.

Aside from the default Active, Pending and Closed budget statuses, you can also define your own custom ones. Simply go to Project Templates, select your template, go to Budget Information and edit the Status field.

Click on an individual budget to view all its costs and details, and click it again to edit its information or change its status.


Fieldshare lists the most recent project costs automatically in the Budgets section, grouped by month with monthly totals. Each cost shows what budget it belongs to, who entered it, the cost date, the total cost amount, and other custom cost information. Click on an individual cost to view or edit its details, or to delete it.

To enter new costs, click Add Costs, choose a budget to attribute the costs to, and select a date for the cost report. For each cost you add, select the cost type, enter a total dollar amount, and optionally enter other details. To enter additional costs, click the blue Add More button on the right. When finished, click Save. To quickly add another Daily Cost Report, click the circular Quick Save icon in the Save button to keep the Daily Cost Report form open after the current report is saved.

The Dashboard also includes budget information, including a breakdown of project costs you can filter by month and year, with visual progress meters to show the percent of active budgets remaining. You can also export your budget and cost data from the dashboard to use it outside of Fieldshare.