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Task Groups are predefined set of tasks that can be added to different projects at a time.  This saves time if all you want to do is to add the same set of tasks in multiple projects, but don’t want to do it one task at a time.

Creating Task Groups

As an Administrator, click “Settings” at the bottom of the left navigation menu.  Select “Templates”, then “Task Groups”.  Click on “New” and enter a group name under “Task Group Name”.  To add a task to the group, click on “Add Task”, then enter the name and description of the task.  Do this multiple times for each task you want in the group.   You can also change the order of the tasks by clicking a task and dragging it to the correct position. Once the tasks are added, click “Save” to create the new group.


Adding a Task Group to a Project

When viewing a project, go to the “Tasks”  tab, then click on  the “Add a group” button at the top left corner of the panel.  This will bring up a listing of existing tasks.  Selecting a group will add of its tasks into the project.  You can then go in and enter the details for that particular project, such as due date, start dates, assignee, and other fields.


Task Group View

In the task list view, click on “Grouped” button on the top right corner.  Tasks will then be separated into their groups.  A task can be moved into a group by clicking the left most icon and dragging the task into a group.  If all tasks of a group is moved out, that group will be deleted from the project.