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See Recent Activity

Fieldshare makes it easy to keep up-to-date with your projects. The Activity Stream shows you the most recent updates happening in any sites your organization has access to, along with details about who completed the work and when.

Filtering activity

You can filter the Activity Stream to control what types of activities are shown, and from which projects. Each tab at the top of the stream represents a type of activity. To filter activities by type, click on the tab of the type of activity you want to filter. To filter activities by project, open the Project Filter at the top right of the Project Map, and enable or disable filter criteria as desired. The Activity Stream will update in real-time as you adjust the filter.

When you filter activities using the Project Filter, Fieldshare automatically saves your chosen criteria for you. This means whenever you view the Activity Stream with the Project Map, your most recent filter is automatically applied. Your filter only applies to your personal Fieldshare account, and does not affect what other users in your company see. You can click Reset Filter to return the filter to its default state, with all criteria enabled.

Live Updates

As work happens, Fieldshare shows you live updates in the Activity Stream and on the Project Map. Marker labels will appear temporarily on the map when an update has just happened in a project, and corresponding items will appear in the Activity Stream.

See what's new

New updates in the Activity Stream will be marked with a blue dot, and the Navigation Bar will show how many new updates there are. The Project Map will also show blue dots on the project markers of newly updated projects.

To dismiss the new updates and hide the blue dots, click 'Read' at the top of the Activity Stream.

Activity Stream shows you:

  • New projects
  • Updated project details
  • Tasks and Comments
  • Project Forms
  • File uploads
  • Costs & Budgets
  • Site Drawings

You can also stay up to date automatically with Fieldshare's Email Summary and Real-time Email features.