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Projects Table

The Dashboard displays a complete list of all your Fieldshare projects, for a selected template. Each project shows the owning company, whether the project is being shared with collaborators, the project name, project manager, active budget, the next upcoming task, and additional primary details like project classification. Click on an individual project name to go to that project.

This view also allows bulk operations on selected projects.  To being any bulk operation, select the checkboxes next to the projects you wish to operate on.  Or to select all projects in a page, click on the top checkbox in the table header.  To select all projects for all pages, select the “Select All” dialogue that appears.

Fieldshare Projects Table

After making your selection, you have the following actions to take:

  • Edit - Bulk edit either Primary Details or Additional Details for the selected projects.  This will set the same field values across all selected projects.
  • Archive - Archive all selected projects.
  • Share - Share all selected projects to selected Collaborators
  • Unshare - Unshared all selected projects from selected Collaborators
  • Delete - Delete all selected projects
  • Report - Download a pre-built xsl report based on the details of the selected projects
  • Download - Download a csv flat file of the selected projects and their details.