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Map Samples to Markers

To map lab samples to specific markers on the site map, click Map Samples beside the desired lab report in the Lab Data list. Select a marker for each sample, enter a top and bottom depth, and click Map Samples. Those markers on the map will change colour depending on the applicable standards analysis - green for compliant values, or red for exceedances.

In the Drawings section, you can also hover the blue Action Menu icon beside each marker and click View Report to view individual Soil or Water reports for mapped samples. Parameters without standards will be listed under the No Standard heading in the report.

Site standards

FIeldshare lets you select specific standards for each project, and view reports for mapped samples using different standards filters. In the Lab section, click Edit Standards at the top right to set the Soil Site Specific Standards and Groundwater Specific Standards.

In the Map Toolbar, the Filter icon lets you switch between Soil and Water standards, updating the display of any samples that are mapped to markers. The markers on the map will change colour depending on the selected standards and filter - green for compliant values, or red for exceedances.

Exporting data

You can export mapped lab data in an Excel format for use outside of Fieldshare. In the Lab Data section, click Export. Then select the desired markers to include in the exported data, or click Select All Markers if you want to export all mapped data. When ready, click Export to download the Excel file.

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