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Inviting Collaborators

Quick Guide

Inviting a collaborator

  1. Open the People panel, and click 'Invite People'
  2. Choose, 'Collaborator' and enter the person’s email address
  3. Choose their role, and click Send

Fieldshare is designed to enable simple, instant collaboration and sharing between people. Using the People panel, it’s quick and easy to invite people outside your company to collaborate.

Inviting people as collaborators does not automatically give them access to your projects.

Sending invites

Only users with the Administrator and Project Manager roles can invite people to collaborate.

To invite people at other companies to collaborate, open the People panel and click 'Invite People'. Choose 'Collaborator', and enter the email address of the person you want to invite. You can invite several people at once by entering multiple email addresses. Click the dropdown next to the email input and choose a role for the collaborator(s). When you’re ready, click Send to send the invite(s). Pending invitations are shown at the bottom of the people list.

People you invite will receive an email with information about using Fieldshare, and a link to accept your invite. If you invite someone who does not have an Fieldshare account, they will be guided through the steps to sign up and create one. You will receive an email notification when the person has accepted your invite and is ready to collaborate.

While waiting for an invitation to be accepted, projects can still be shared with the user's email. Once a person accepts your invitation to collaborate, the shared projects will be available to the user.