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Import Site Drawings

You can add drawings to your site map by importing geometry from GPX files containing points or tracks (markers or areas) or CSV files containing lists of points (markers).

When viewing a site, click Drawings in the navigation bar on the left to open the Site Drawings section, and click Import to choose a file. Once you choose a file, the map will show you a preview, and you can review the feature details.

If the file contains multiple geometries, you can select which ones you want to import as site drawings. If you import a CSV file, Fieldshare will show you the required data, and ask you to match them to the data in your file.

Required data columns in a geometry CSV:

  • Station ID
  • Station Type
  • Northing
  • Easting
  • Zone

Station Type should just be “Marker” by default.  However, for legacy users with oil specific geometries, the following types are also supported:

  • Borehole
  • Test Put
  • Monitoring Well
  • Excavation Sample
  • Misc Sample