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Get automatic email summaries

Email Summaries are automatic emails with a brief overview of all the updates that have happened in your FIeldshare projects. You can choose to receive an email summary once a day, once a week or once a month.

Subscribe to Receive Project Summaries

To begin receiving summary emails, you must first subscribe to the projects you are interested in. On the side navigation bar, click on "Search" to open up the project search panel. If you have previously saved searches, they will be listed here. Otherwise, type in your search term to get a list of projects back. When you are happy with your search results, click on "Save" to save the list of projects. Now, beneath each saved search is a checkbox with "Get email alerts for this search". By clicking on the check box, you will be subscribed to receive email summaries for the projects in that list. You can subscribe up to 5 saved searches.

Email Preferences

You can control what kinds of email Fieldshare sends you. In Settings, under Email Preferences, you can adjust the frequency of your email summaries, or turn them off. You can also control the settings for real-time emails that Fieldshare sends for any projects you are watching.