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Exploring the Dashboard

The Dashboard is a unified view of all data within an organization.  Each template of an organization have their own Dashboard.  And each Dashboard has its own Projects, Budgets, Costs, Tasks and Forms tables.

The top of the Dashboard view contains a row of tabs for each template of an organization.  Click on one of these tabs to switch to the Dashboard view for that Template.  Then click on the desired object (i.e: Projects) to field that particular table.


To change the tables to your desired view, you can sort by a table column by selecting a column name from the top left dropdown, then select one of the asc/desc buttons.


Column order can also be changed by click and dragging a column header to the desired location.   Columns visibility can also be changed by clicking on the “Show/Hide Columns” button on the top right.  Then check/uncheck columns you wish to set as invisible.

Finally, you can use the Dashboard Filter to further find your records by a certain attribute.

Once you are done filtering your desired data, click on “Export” at the top right corner to download a CSV flat file of the data you are currently viewing.