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Explore your projects

Fieldshare gives you several ways to explore your projects quickly and easily.

The Project Map

The Project Map shows you all your projects, with coloured icons for each company. Hover your cursor over a project icon for more details. A blue dot is displayed on projects that have new updates.

When projects overlap or are close together, they are displayed as a single cluster icon. A number on the icon shows how many projects are in the cluster, and when you hover your cursor over it a list shows which companies and projects are in that location. Clicking on a cluster icon will zoom the Project Map closer to that location, making it easier to see projects in crowded areas.

Map Styles

Fieldshare uses two map styles, and switches between them automatically depending on your zoom level. When zoomed further out, Fieldshare uses a road map with labelled features like cities and streets. At closer zoom levels, Fieldshare uses an aerial map with detailed satellite imagery. You can switch between styles at any time by clicking the map style button at the bottom left of the map.

Project Filter

At the top right of the Project Map is the Project Filter, which lists the companies and their marker colours, and gives you tools to control which projects you see on the map. Learn about using the Project Filter.


A fast way to find projects is using Fieldshare search, at the top left of the screen. You can search for projects by project name, location, project manager, company, and any other custom-configured primary details. You can combine search terms for more specific, targeted queries. As you type queries, the Project Map will update in real-time to show you just the project markers that match your search. You can also click Download to save the search results as a project list in CSV form.

Saved Search

You can save search queries for instant reuse. After entering your search terms, click Save to add that query to your list of saved searches. When you open the Search panel, the saved search list is automatically displayed. Click a saved search to see its results, or click the 'X' icon to delete a saved search. Your saved searches are also listed in the Project Filter so you can use them to filter the map and combine them with other filter criteria.