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Explore the Site Map

The Site Map is where you can explore projects in detail using an interactive satellite map. At the top right of the screen is the Map Toolbar, for working with the map, drawing site features, and adding custom layers. Project and site information is accessible in the navigation bar on the left.

The Map

Your project is presented in the center of the map, and you can click and drag to move around. In the Map Toolbar at the top right are buttons to zoom in and out, and you can also zoom by scrolling up and down with a mouse or trackpad.

Customize your map view

You can customize the site map so it always shows the zoom level and framing that you want, and so the project marker icon will be positioned correctly at the center of that area. On the project map, click on the Edit View icon above the zoom icons. Now drag the map to adjust your preferred location centering, and zoom to set your preferred scale. Click Save when finished. These settings will be used automatically for anyone who views the site.

At any time you can return to your preferred view of the site by clicking the 'Center View' button above the Zoom icons.

Export map images

Fieldshare lets you export and download any site map as an image file, complete with site drawings. When viewing a project map, click on Save Image icon above the zoom icons. You can pan and zoom to set your preferred view, and then click Download to save the image to your computer.

Map Tools

At the top right in the Map Toolbar there are tools for drawing site features - markers, areas and lines - as well as measuring distances and and controlling the visibility of map layers. Clicking the layer filter icon will lock that section open for easy access.