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Explore Project Information

Fieldshare displays an overview of the most important project information in the Summary section. Click on any part of the Summary to view more or make changes. You can configure the information you track by customizing Fieldshare's forms.

If you only have access to the project as a Limited User or Limited Collaborator, you will not be able to make changes to the project.

Shared With

This shows the collaborator users that this project is shared with. An example of a collaborator may be vendors, contractors, clients or consultants. Manage the collaborators of the project by clicking on this section.

Primary Project Details

This includes the most important data about your projects, including Project Name, Project Manager, Project Owner, and other custom information you choose to track. The user who creates a project will be listed as its Project Manager by default, but this can be changed.

Additional Project Details

This section can include various secondary project information about your projects, including project start and end dates, description, and other custom-configured information.

Budgets & Costs

The total Active project budget is shown, along with gross costs and gross variance for those Active budgets. Click the budget information to access the Budgets section, where you can view and edit budget details, see recent and itemized cost lists, and add new costs.


This shows a list of tasks for the project, with a status icon (Open, In Progress, Complete) and the task start and due date. Click to access the Tasks section, where you can view the full task list, make changes, and create new tasks.

Download Summary

You can download the project summary, including additional details, budgets, costs, tasks and forms to a CSV file. At the top of the Summary panel click 'Export' to download the CSV summary.

Do you have the same information that needs to be updated for more than one project? Fieldshare allows you to easily update details for multiple projects in bulk.