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Email Preferences

In Settings, you can control what kinds of email FIeldshare sends you, and how frequently. Click on Settings at the bottom left of the navigation bar to access your personal settings. Click 'Personal Settings' to make changes.

Email Summaries

Email Summaries are automatic emails with a brief overview of all the updates to your projects, and can be sent each day, week or month. They will include updates from all the projects you have access to in Arkit.

Shared Project Emails

These are email notifications sent when another company starts or stops sharing a project with you. You will only receive these emails about projects you have access to. Select Off to stop receiving all shared project emails.

Real-time Emails

Real-time Emails are individual alerts, sent when important updates occur in projects you are watching. In the Project Summary for any project, you can click Start Watching or Stop Watching to control real-time emails for that project. You can also pick and choose which types of project updates you want to be emailed about, such as costs, tasks, project changes and more.