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Dashboard Filter

The Dashboard Filter is a means to further break down the records you wish to see based on a certain attribute.  

To start filtering, click on the “Filter” button on the top right corner.  This will open up the Filter panel.  The first line lets you do a Quick Search.  Fieldshare will attempt to match terms entered here. You can enter more than one term by separating each one with a space.

To search by individual fields, click on the “Add Custom Filter” button, and select the field you want from the drop down. Depending on the field you selected, you can then match by “Contains”, “Equals” or “Range”. You can select more than one field as filter. The fields you get to see here will depend on which table you have selected.  For example, when viewing a Budgets table, you will only see the fields for Budgets.  Once you are done, hit the “Apply” button at the top to apply the filter to the dashboard data.

Data in Fieldshare is based on the following hierarchy:

  • Projects
  • Budgets
  • Costs
  • Tasks
  • Forms

So, when filter the data in Projects to a certain number of projects, only the Budgets, Costs, Tasks and Forms of those projects will be displayed.  Similarly, when you filter to a certain number of Budgets, only their Costs are applied.  You can see this change in the number of records as you apply a filter.


To reset the filter at anytime, simply click on the “Reset” button at the top of the panel.