TORC Oil & Gas

TORC Oil & Gas Ltd is an intermediate producer that specializes in high quality light oil opportunities in the Western Canadian sedimentary basin. With a portfolio of both development assets and light oil, cost-effective operational excellence has been central to the company’s success. TORC’s 2015 production average was over 18,000 boepd.

Executive Summary


Manual Processes a Drag on Productivity and Morale

TORC had no reporting capability that provided an overall view of project status, just well lists and columns of field data in the master spreadsheet. Moreover, adding projects or bringing new consultants on board was too burdensome. This messy process was frustrating and caused low morale.

HSE Department Selects Arkit for Access to Project Data and Managing Consultants

HSE Manager Jim Gordon and his team reviewed several GIS and project management options, and found Arkit’s combination of map, project and communication tools was just right for their needs. Now everyone in the HSE Department retrieves project data whenever they need it, without Jim having to distribute anything manually.

Arkit Makes Data Useable, TORC Saves 1 FTE

TORC discovered that Arkit’s Project Relationship Management software cut time spent on data management by 70%. Where previously a request for information might require weeks of work and data coordination, Arkit now provides a platform that’s ready when needed to produce actionable insights.

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Outdated Technology Causes Costly Communication Delays

Overlapping Storage Methods Waste Time, Lose Data

Before Arkit, tracking information such as project budgets and costs was a time-consuming process, often with multiple methods to track and report the same information. Jim explains,

“We were relying on a master spreadsheet, as well as a separate cost-tracking system, and it took a lot of time to pull all that information together and update it constantly. It was a burdensome process to add new projects, or to bring consultants onboard and get them up to speed.”

“There was a long back-and-forth process with consultants, making it clear what was needed and ensuring the right information was provided. I was using lots of emails just to communicate the basics and move information. I had nothing to give an overall picture either, just well lists and columns of field information in the master spreadsheet. I’d get queries, both internally and externally, to slice and dice our projects into certain status groups, or to see all the liabilities in a specific geographic area.” Jim began searching for a new way to manage his department’s data as well as the consultants they employed.

Arkit means quick data input and quick data retrieval. It gives me the tools I need to monitor everything and drive KPIs
Jim Gordan

Arkit: The Budget Friendly Alternative for Visual Project Portfolio Control

Jim Discovers Arkit is an Affordable Combination of GIS Features and Project Coordination Tools

Navigating TORC’s entire portfolio of projects through a map-based interface has been a significant benefit to Jim, it allows him to assess projects in ways not possible before.

“I knew GIS had huge value, but the breakthrough was getting those capabilities in a cost-effective, easy-to-use format. That combination, and being able to deploy and get started without major technical training, made Arkit an easy sell.”

TORC Able to Migrate Project Data in Days, not Months

The HSE Department had concerns about migrating their large data files to the Arkit platform, but they were pleasantly surprised by how smooth the process was. Jim describes his experience, “I looked at what was really important, and did an upload of the main data fields right away. That didn’t take long, maybe a few days, and then the projects were there and ready to work on.” During this process, Jim and his team configured Arkit to provide the custom experience they were seeking. Arkit even arranged some early training sessions for TORC’s consultants, and they’ve never looked back.

“Full Productivity achieved in only two weeks”

Collaborating in Arkit Transforms TORC’s Business Practice

Arkit allows Jim to invite contractors, consultants and suppliers to collaborate on projects without any additional cost or setup. Independent consultants with multiple data-reporting formats are no longer an issue. By collaborating with them in Arkit, information is delivered in a single TORC-compliant format, eliminating the hassle of converting project data to the company standard format.

Finally, Jim Can See Who’s Doing What, When and Where

“Having a map-based system is great, because everything starts visually and you can quickly see what’s going on, who’s working in different areas, and filter or drill down into information from there.” Arkit is a 360-degree solution for both internal and external teams who work field projects.

“Start visually and quickly see what’s going on”

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