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Long Run Exploration

Long Run Exploration is an intermediate oil and natural gas company focused on exploration and development in Western Canada. Long Run has a track record of delivering growth through acquisition and divestiture as well as through implementing new technology

Executive summary

Reclamation planning time cut in half

  • Better and faster decision making reduces LLR
  • Data Access Improved; Duplications All But Eliminated

Data usability issues need fixing; disorganized site. Data wastes time for hse manager

Noreen Sumara, HSE Advisor at Long Run, used to manage site data in Excel. But retrieving useful information and keeping track of file versions was time consuming and frustrating. The HSE department looked at other database solutions, even spending months attempting to implement legacy software, but the old products had significant flexibility, usability and pricevalue performance issues that made them unsuitable for their team.

Long run introduces fieldshare to enable cost effective, data-driven decision making

After several attempts to solve the productivity problem using other software, Noreen and the HSE department turned to Fieldshare. Noreen and her colleagues find Fieldshare's always-on cloud software delivers the right combination of features: accessibility, simplified data management and reporting inside a friendly user interface. The time and process efficiencies they sought are finally being realized.

Site reclamation planning time halved: budget optimizes ROI

Noreen now takes half the time to produce Long Run’s annual reclamation plan. She is able to do more reclamation with the same budget, thereby reducing Long Run’s LLR.

The client

Long Run Exploration: Fieldshare provides much-needed project access

"On an Excel spreadsheet, I would have to go line by line by line, and we have over 750 sites. I would have to go through by hand to see, ‘is this a good candidate, is that a good candidate.”

Noreen Sumara, HSE representative

Spreadsheets and old software fail to provide useful insights. Multiple data formats cause rework, missed sites, delays

One of Noreen’s responsibilities is the annual reclamation plan, and it used to be a frustrating, time consuming process. Sites were often missed or duplicated. “If you input a site in a different format than the rest of your spreadsheet, you may not find it. Or somebody may have put it in the wrong line. The cost of a duplicate site is that we redo something we’ve already done work on. A missed site is really unfortunate for the land owner because it’s a site that we could have cleaned up, but because we don’t know about it, we’re not scheduling work to be done.”

Legacy software too complex to use, too costly to maintain

Long Run knew a single system of record was needed to store information, but existing solutions failed to meet their needs. “We tried other software. A student intern helped us load information into this other system, that’s all she did. Then at the end of summer we didn’t have somebody full time to take care of it [the legacy software], so we didn’t continue.” Long Run didn’t have the time, resources or budget to hire a database administrator.

Long run chooses Fieldshare project relationship management for ease-of-use and controlled sharing

For Noreen, “it really came down to the usability of it. Fieldshare provided the data management solution we needed in a much more user friendly package. If we wanted to customize something it was relatively easy to do.” Noreen is happy with the management and collaboration tools FIeldshare provides. “I like how you can share it with other companies. We’re no longer having to send out FTP sites or dropboxes or anything like that. I like how I can get updates regularly as well-I don’t have to bother the consultants, I get notices daily.”

Project map speeds reclamation process, gets high rent sites off the books

Now Noreen’s reclamation planning process is faster and more effective. “With FIeldshare, I can zoom in on an area, see all the different sites and drill down from there. It’s helped me pick better sites to work on for reclamation. ” Noreen describes the impact Fieldshare’s effective search has had; “It lets me work in a core area, focusing in on sites that are close to one another, reducing overall operating costs . I can see how much we’re paying and focus where we are paying high rental. Then we can get those off of our books, reducing LLR at the same time.”

No need to provide lengthly training for consultants

Noreen has been able to get her consultants using Fieldshare, even when she was away for an entire year. “Usually when we introduce new software in our department I have to train people over and over again, but when I was on leave not once did I get a question about how to use Fieldshare. “