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Earthmaster Environmental Strategies

Founded in 1998, Earthmaster Environmental Strategies Inc. is a full-service environmental consulting firm based in Western Canada, catering to clients across the commercial, industrial and upstream oil and gas industries

Executive summary

20% increase in project capacity

  • 70% reduction in time updating client dara
  • 30% reduction in consultant data maintenance

Earthmaster environmental strategies

Earthmaster delivers innovative and practical strategies to address complex challenges. The team includes professional agrologists, biologists, chemists, ecologists, engineers, soil scientists, plant scientists, and foresters.

Poor reporting tools drive up project costs

Remediation manager Kent Cryer used to have to go through dozens of spreadsheets by hand, pulling information from email attachments to send to clients. The process was frustrating and time consuming, with critical data at risk of being omitted or lost.

On a mission to provide clients with direct access to data

Kent had had enough of collating endless amounts of data by hand. Thanks to Fieldshare’s on-demand access, Earthmaster clients now see what’s happening on their projects any time they choose without Kent having to take any action.

Earthmaster project capacity increases 20% – data is better protected

Fieldshare has cut time spent on client reporting 70%, with an additional 30% time savings on consultant data input. The overall increase in efficiency has allowed Earthmaster to take on 20% more projects without adding staff. With Fieldshare’s single system of record, Earthmaster is protected from the risk of a costly audit due to lost information.

The client

Earthmaster: Data delays compound to affect timeliness of project completion

In the past I would have to ask, ‘Hey, can you email me this information so I can pass it along to the client’, but now it’s super quick, less than 10 seconds and I’ve logged to see it. And that update gets to the client right away too.

Kent Cryer, Remediation manager

Monthly, weekly and daily updates extremely time consuming in Excel

Earthmaster has a history of embracing technical challenges, which in turn requires strong communication with their clients. Any interruption in that process hurts both their business and client relationship. Before Fieldshare, multiple record and reporting systems created the possibility for critical data to be overlooked, lost, or even deleted.

Kent describes the messy, spreadsheet-heavy process that he used to have to go through every week. “Some clients want daily updates to see exactly what’s happening, some want weekly, some monthly. We’d email reports, or copy and paste information into their systems, or sometimes send a copy of our tracking sheet.”

Kent needed something that would meet his clients’ needs for up-to-date data without him having to spend all his time hounding his field workers and sending out email updates. He saw Fieldshare as the perfect tool to keep his clients happy while cutting down on unnecessary work.

Full Productivity achieved in only two weeks.

Easy to implement, easy to use

“Our consultants had maybe half an hour of training, it was easy, and we haven’t had any problems since then. I’ve also noticed a few times when Fieldshare’s been updated with new features based on our feedback, which is great.”

Kent is happy because his workload has been reduced, and his clients are happy because they can log in and see his team’s progress any time they want. “Consultants have been entering daily information like costs, tasks and updates into Fieldshare, which keeps one place for easy lookup.”

Less costly rework, fewer emails

Streamlined data capture in the field reduces overhead and improves project management in the office. Thanks to instant data upload directly from the field to Fieldshare’s cloud-based platform, having accurate and updated information is no longer in question. In the team’s post onboarding interview, Kent felt “for a client to have Fieldshare is great, because then they have control, and as often as they want they can log in and see what’s happening. I think it keeps them more on top of what’s going on.” Access to Fieldshare can be granted to any number of clients at no extra charge.

Kent continues, “I rely on getting good feedback from the field about what’s happening, and then I can update the client on how we’re doing and be their eyes and ears. I see FIeldshare as a tool that helps me do that job, and also frees up time for other things. The client can assign me a task in Fieldshare, I get notified and get it done, and when it’s complete they get updated. That process makes it so much easier to share information back and forth.”

Increased efficiency, reduced risk

Project Capacity Increased by 20%. “Recently a client wanted pictures of some work, and our guy in the field uploaded photos to Fieldshare to share right away. In the past we might have emailed those, but now they’re stored with the project for easy access, and archived for the future.” The ability to respond quickly has really helped to reinforce the company’s reputation for quality service with clients.

Single database reduces risk of an audit

An unexpected benefit for Earthmaster was that in addition to the smoother reporting of information, Fieldshare has also simplified the way archived project data is stored and retrieved. Custom File Permissions protect critical regulatory information from ever becoming unretrievable. Earthmaster Environmental is now protected from the regulatory risks associated with keeping data in individual spreadsheets that could be lost or deleted. In only two weeks, Earthmaster Environmental improved relationships with key clients, increased their capacity to take on new projects, and mitigated the risk of an audit.