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Import and Access


Track all your location data to keep up with the fieldwork at any time. Add custom layers or map drawings to make sure you don't miss anything important. Assign project managers their respective sites, roles and tasks on the same map module.

Scale down from the big picture to an individual project view to gain insight into individual details for every project, as well as any map drawings and layers you might have for this specific project.

Files, Photos and Forms

Upload site photos, PDFs and any other kind of documents to store and access them anywhere via Fieldshare. Get rid of messy folders, versioning problems and accidental edits.  Connect each file to its corresponding project, so you can always find the needed file easily.

Use our Forms functionality to generate field reports without the need to do double entry. All the forms will always be accessible in Fieldshare and connected to their corresponding projects.


Keep all your data safe in Fieldshare. All the data in transit and data at rest are encrypted inside our app.

Plus, since work with a number of industries that value their data safety above all, we have multiple additional measured to ensure your data is safe. Examples include configuring single sign-on and running a custom server in your desired location.

Access Control

Access control allows you to control what each user has access to. For example, your external contractor would only be able to input costs into your project's budget, but would not be able to see the whole budget.

Additionally, that contractor would only have access to assigned projects, all your other information would be hidden.

Mobile App

Our mobile app is specifically designed to support your teams in the field. On mobile, you can add costs, tasks, files and field forms to keep the team in the head office updated on the work being done in the field.

Managing Work

Powerful Filtering

When you manage a large amount of projects, finding information on a specific project can become a tedious process. In Fieldshare, you can create and save custom filters in order to access the work you need in any given moment.

You can filter by any category you wish to, including assignee, budget, phase, category and more.


View and update all your budgets in one place, with familiar spreadsheet feel. Anticipate budget overruns easier, and easily link budgets with a map to clearly see and identify problems and opportunities.

Share budgets with your staff, or external collaborators with limited permissions, so you can streamline cost input and tracking.


With your internal and external team invited to Fieldshare, you can easily streamline your work even further with tasks. You can make task groups and assign them to people you work with, as well as the specific project you want the work done on.

Live Updates

Fieldshare offers live email updates for any work being done on your projects. When someone submits a form, finishes a task, or updates any project information, you will get an email instantly.

With large companies, that tends to get overwhelming, so you can customize the updates you get at any moment. For example, you can use the Watchlist functionality to only receive updates on specific projects. Alternatively, you might want to opt in into weekly or daily updates rather than the live ones.

Integrations Managing Work

Our open API allows Fieldshare to integrate with your current workflow without impairing it. For example, if you have a specific bookkeeping software, or a custom database, we can make sure that Fieldshare receives, processes and displays your data correctly.

Report and Export


Create custom reports to export detailed information for better decision-making. Your reports will only include the work that you want to include, minimizing the need to sort through a large convoluted array of data. Generate Gantt charts to have a better understanding of your staff's task dependencies, or Forms report to analyze your field work.

Add site photos to your custom reports to connect data and actual photo updates from the site.

Project Archive

For a lot of our clients, keeping records of past projects is very important. Weather you need to analyze past projects, or keep the archive to present to authorities, Fieldshare has you covered.

Fieldshare allows you to archive any project on your portfolio, which will put it into storage. You can retrieve that information at any time, with all the files attached to that project.


It is not easy to transfer to a completely new software, but there is no need to worry.

Fieldshare was designed with accessibility in mind. We use familiar access points like Spreadsheets and Maps, but make them more flexible. In turn, that means that Fieldshare is very accessible, while also being powerful. Additionally, our team will walk through your data structure inside Fieldshare to make sure it fits just right.

Data Export

If you have any other systems that need to access your work in Fieldshare, we can always configure an Integration for the two systems to work in unison.

However, if you want to export some specific information for further analysis or reporting, you can always export data in a CSV format from Fieldshare as a direct download. Similarly, you can download any files or forms you might have in Fieldshare.

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