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Managing Multiple Properties and Stratas

The challenge with managing multiple properties is the complexity of decentralization of information and users. It's very common for  management, tenants and contractors to lose track and transparency between each other. All this creates communication deficiencies and task redundancies. Fieldshare brings management teams, contractors and tenants together onto a centralized data and task management platform.

  • Reduce manual entry and the opportunity for user error
  • Anticipate budget overruns earlier with more transparent cost tracking
  • Improve information transfer between different departments
  • Ensure stored data remains accessible even if key staff move on
  • Standardize workflow
  • Eliminate communication deficiencies between all internal and external parties
  • Plan maintenance more economically with better filtering and visual analysis tools
  • Maximize fieldwork effectiveness with clear, consistent communication protocols
  • Optimize road use by planning access with up-to-date feedback from on-site crews
  • Audit internal resource usage across multiple departments
  • Streamline regulatory reporting processes
  • Integrate with the rest of your information architecture

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