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Municipalities + Agencies

A challenge government agencies of all sizes face is the tracking, management, and maintenance of long-term information assets. Aging infrastructure and out-of-date service protocols compound with service changes and staff turnover to make data management more difficult. Anyone attempting to prioritize or budget for the future is faced with a frustrating and incomplete data landscape.

Without an organized central repository, information gleaned from monitoring activities quickly becomes inaccessible in overlapping standalone systems. Each time a problem is solved with a new tool for tracking—whether it’s for costs, locations, reports, drawings, or other documentation—getting a complete picture of overall infrastructure health becomes more difficult. Correctly assessing regulatory compliance requires opening multiple apps and databases for each site, sometimes for dozens or hundreds of sites.

Fieldshare provides a way to aggregate that data into a single access point.

We provide a cloud-based solution that is already in use by agencies with some of the most stringent security requirements in Canada. The key we provide is flexibility: each department and user retains control enough to organize information as they see fit—even providing access to technical silos such as GIS or accounting information. Fieldshare’s structure supports easy extraction later.

That means access can be granted as needed, and each user can filter their portal to show only what is relevant to their work. Reports can be pulled across work relating to utilities, infrastructure, operations and more, without anyone having to manually compile the data.

The result? More accurate and timely access to information, better public records, and less frustration.

  • Reduce manual entry and the opportunity for user error
  • Anticipate budget overruns earlier with more transparent cost tracking
  • Improve information transfer between different departments
  • Ensure stored data remains accessible even if key staff move on
  • Improve security protocols and protect private data
  • Plan maintenance more economically with better filtering and visual analysis tools
  • Maximize fieldwork effectiveness with clear, consistent communication protocols
  • Optimize road use by planning access with up-to-date feedback from on-site crews
  • Audit internal resource usage across multiple departments
  • Streamline regulatory reporting processes
  • Integrate with the rest of your information architecture

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