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About us.

Data management is the core foundation to any workflow. For a decade, Fieldshare have helped structure complex data workflows for national and governmental agencies.

We are data aggregators.

Our platform is a like a flexible container that can consolidate all your unique data siloes.

Take control in how you want to aggregate your data at any level and at any moment.


Understanding how and why you create data reports. Your data needs to work for you, on all levels.


Find data commonalities.
There’s always a connection linking every data silo together.


Give you full control.
This is your ultimate outcome, full control capability at any given time.

Our Philosophy

We believe every company’s superpower is hidden within their data and can only be released with structured data management. We see data management as a mirror that reflects the company’s internal uniqueness and culture. How they structure their data creates a fingerprint on everything it touches. We are a data dactyloscopy and we analyze a company’s minutiae. We are not about changing each company from the inside, we are about identifying what makes them unique and letting that be their source of power.

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